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How we support incubators,
accelerators and investors

mywayfinder guides incubators, accelerators and investors quicker to better performance,
by showing them a better selection at the gate and better guidance of their portfolios
in a simple SaaS tool.

We empower them to find the best way towards success, by eliminating failure costs
and improving ROI percentages via the use of  algorithm based artificial intelligence
and practitioner based natural experience.

Like in most Western economies we see a rapidly growing interest in startups and scaleups as the engine for economic growth and the way to create employment for well-educated youngsters.

To facilitate these developments banks, regional investment funds, private investors and advisers are all active in this market segment. Also, a large and strongly growing number of incubators and accelerators have established themselves throughout the country to support startups and scaleups. Some of these incubators and accelerators are linked to Universities and others to specific regions (provinces).

Given the large number of new startups and scaleups, the incubators and accelerators are facing issues of management control and are therefor searching for tools like mywayfinderto guide and monitor these companies more efficiently together with the management.

The main purpose of mywayfinder is to share information, learn from other companies which have faced such issues before and use the latest technologies (e.g. AI, algorithms and data management) to support this.

We know that incubators and accelerators struggle with the following
Selection Of Ventures At The Gate
Selection of ventures at the gate

The accumulated experience of the AI yields the ideal KPI profile. Benchmarking your candidate gives you an objective anchor for the evaluation and selection

Guidance Of Ventures In The Portfolio
Guidance of ventures in the portfolio

The combined sum of the artificial intelligence of the SaaS and the natural experience of the community maximizes the progress of your individual ventures

Effective Use Of Investment Managers, Coaches And Mentors
Effective use of investment managers, coaches and mentors

Both team and investors and mentors can independently fill in the mywayfinder Check-up® and compare their results. Such transparent comparison yields quick insight into differences in perception, underlying facts and resolutions

Efficient Use Of Investment Managers, Coaches And Mentors
Efficient use of investment managers, coaches and mentors

The accumulated dashboards and drill-downs provide a quick snapshot where the venture is on its journey, where to go next or whether to pull the plug altogether

Having Fun
Having fun

The community is a useful resource. And meeting, linking and up with new entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs is always a lot of fun too!

Interested in what mywayfinder can do for your business?
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