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How we support startups

To grow up successfully, you either get terribly lucky, or you rely on our
artificial intelligence and the natural experience of our community.

mywayfinder guides startups and scaleups quicker to better performance,
by showing teams what to do, when to do it and how to do it better.

How does mywayfinder use Artificial Intelligence? 

First our AI asks you what you are doing with your business. Comparing your business to our ever growing community of active businesses, the AI shows you what is going fine and what is not. The AI also shows you the impact of the wrongs on your real bottom line: revenues, time-to-market, product-market-fit, and so on.

This helps you prioritize when to right the wrongs. And finally the AI connects you to peers that already have resolved your wrong. These peers can give you actionable knowledge, insights and tips on how to things well.

Not once, but in a monthly cycle, until you reach your goal and are ready to move on to even bigger success…

How does mywayfinder work? 

mywayfinder startup cycle

How do I use mywayfinder?

When you are a startup and want to use mywayfinder, there is a journey of five steps leading you towards more success.

Join masterclasss
2. Run monthly check-up
3. Analyze dashboard & drill-down
4.Choose focus KPIs
Connect with community

1. Join our masterclass

Within this masterclass we will teach you how to use the mywayfinder SaaS tool in order to retain your self-management. And we ensure that the data entry is valid so outcomes are more accurate.

2. Run a monthly check-up on your business goals

Every month you fill in the mywayfinder Check-up®. Ready-to-Go, Ready-to-Grow or Ready-to-Scale, the mywayfinder Check-up® gives you the 20, 45 or 80 KPIs determining your success.

3. Analyze your dashboard & drill-down

After filling in the mywayfinder Check-up®, the AI shows you the results in the mywayfinder dashboard with drill-downs. You can analyze these results together with your team, your mentor and your investors.

4. Choose your focus KPIs

The dashboard and drill-downs show you the priorities and focus KPIs. At all time, you have to determine if these are the KPIs that the team can manage at this moment, based on time, competences, money and resources. Self-management and reflection is key.

5. Connect with the community

If you choose your focus KPIs and have difficulty developing them to the next level, reach out to the mywayfinder Community. Other startups, scaleups or young grownups will have solved your challenges. Likewise, you will have solved some of theirs…

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find out more about our services, the questions below might help you out.
If not, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What are the benefits of using mywayfinder?

  • For startups, scaleups and young grownups: Immediate clarification of WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. Access to a community to show and tell you HOW to do it well enough. Great opportunities to learn; and to teach others as well. Stop wasting valuable firm resources
  • For incubators, accelerators and investors: better selection of promising ventures at the gate, better guidance of your portfolio, reduction of failure costs and better ROIs

When can I expect my first results?

The instant you have filled in your mywayfinder Check-up®

What can I expect from the mywayfinder community?

Within the community you have the opportunity to share knowledge, get solutions, answers and tips on how to execute your challenges. Moreover, together we are building the largest community of startups, scaleups and young grownups across Europe.

For whom is it not?

Independent contractors

What is mywayfinder dashboard and drill-downs?

The Dashboard summarizes your KPI performance and provides the first stepping stone to decide WHAT you need to do, WHEN to do it and HOW to do it. The Drill-downs specify your focus KPIs even more.

What is the mywayfinder Check-up®? And why do I need to use it?

Monthly you fill in the Check-up®. This is what the AI algorithm is build on. It covers the KPIs that play a crucial role in your survival and economic prosperity.

Do I need analytical skills to fill in the dashboard?

Nope. An honest look at your own company is enough

What happens to my data? How is mywayfinder privacy covered?

We store your data in a datawarehouse governed by the data security laws, rules and regulations that banks need to adhere to in Europe. We follow the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). We use your data to your benefit, directly in our SaaS and indirectly in academic research in collaboration with accredited academic institutions across Europe.

What type of support is included in the service?

We have a range of service level agreements upto 99.7% uptime and access to the SaaS and your data.

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