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Why mywayfinder?

We combine artificial intelligence and natural experience
to move startups, scaleups and young grownups.

Why do so few startups and
scaleups grow up successfully?
The #1 factor that distinguishes successful startups is:
the ability of the team to deal with uncertainties.

It all revolves around WHAT to do, WHEN to do it and HOW to do it well.

Unfortunately, startups are constrained for time and resources and cannot discover their way forward by trial and error. So, either you get terribly lucky, or you rely on our AI and the natural experience of our community to show you what to do, when to do it and how to do it well…

WHAT Are Your Business Uncertainties?
WHAT are your business uncertainties?
WHEN To Take Action?
WHEN to take action?
HOW To Execute?
HOW to execute?
Why does mywayfinder wants to guide startups, scaleups and young grownups

The origins of mywayfinder lie in seasoned entrepreneurship and solid academic research from institutions such as Stanford University, INSEAD and Free University Amsterdam. Ample research has shown a negative and unchanging survival rate for young adolescent and mature companies. The survival rate of young and adolescent firms is terrible and has not improves over the past 45 years. Not in Europe, not in the US and not across industries.

The US and China have played the ’game-of-large-numbers’, spent a lot of human and financial capital and thus created the modern day corporates that are the talk-of-the-town. True economic prosperity and high-value-adding jobs over the past 40 years however, have come from the innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Innovative SMEs are the beating heart of economic prosperity and employment across the fragmented European market. And European startups, scaleups and young grownups are the backbone of the growing community of innovative SMEs.

mywayfinder believes in the power of innovative SMEs and intends to change their survival rate for the better. We want to build a stronger European Economy based on healthy startups, scaleups and other innovative SMEs. We want to see tens of thousands of startups and scaleups creating high-value-adding jobs across a variety of industries.

The one way forward is to enable European startups and scaleups to perish swifter and grow up more easily and successfully by beating the tyranny of the survival rate. Combining artificial intelligence, natural experience and boundless knowledge sharing among the mywayfinder community we dream big!


The tool to measure your key performance indicators
based on scientifically developed algorithms

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